Karatula Marketing Continues to Provide Efficient and Quality Outdoor Advertising Materials

Karatula Marketing proves that even with the prevalent use digital advertisement, out-of-home media advertising remains a viable advertising platform to introduce and promote products, services, and enterprises to a wide array of audience.

As long as they are both strategically and well placed along thoroughfares and on structures, billboards produce an immediate and strong impact that could not be instantly replicated through digital and broadcasted advertising.

In addition, billboards and signage are cheap to produce and fast to deploy, allowing a prompt return on investment and providing a no-fuss measurement on the efficacy of the printed advertising campaign.

For nearly two decades now, Karatula Marketing is among the top outdoor media printing companies in the country, supplying quality and cost-efficient out-of-home media advertising products to its clients, helping them achieve both their marketing and advertising goals.

Furthermore, Karatula Marketing is constantly adapting to keep up with the new trends and demands, investing in new technologies and platforms to introduce innovations and new products and services.

Besides shop signage and billboards, they also offer printing services for tarpaulins, vehicle wraps, and wall and glass murals.

According to Karatula Marketing general manager Alvic Chua, the company creates more than just outdoor advertising materials, but also business-branded solutions that props and suits each client needs.

Karatula Marketing also offers design and fabrication of pop-up, retail, and advertising displays for kiosks and exhibit booths through its ModulArt subsidiary.

Among Karatula Marketing current clients include Savemore, Wendy’s, Chatime, Mang Inasal, Yellow Cab, Krispy Kreme, and La Lola.